Sentry Fire

Partnering with you to protect people and property.

It’s essential you take the right steps to prevent and protect your properties and people from fire damage. Sentry is here to partner with you, support you every step of the way to do exactly this. We aim to not only provide a high quality product, but educate and partner with you to to help you navigate the complex safety compliance industry.

We offer expert fire safety system installations, modifications, upgrades and design, that are durable, efficient, and cost-effective. Our team of highly trained experts will accurately assess your fire protection needs with you and provide solutions that give you peace of mind while saving you both time and money.

Sentry Fire team provides a tailored and contemporary approach where we put you first. No one-size-fits-all approach, no hidden costs, just honest, prompt, and uncomplicated service, with minimal disruption to you and anyone that frequents your building. It’s an approach that allows us to build positive, long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

Partnering with you to simplify the complicated and provide reliable support for installation, modification and upgrades of existing commercial fire services.

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Detection & Alarm Systems

At Sentry Fire, we offer Australian Standard (AS1670.1) smoke detection installations and occupant warning systems tailored to your property needs. Our friendly, informative team of experts can install a new system for you, modify and repair your existing system and work with you to simplify the complex fire safety industry. We provide you with a smoke alarm installation that is durable, reliable, and compliant. We will help you understand how your system works and give you plenty of notice in advance when it’s time for us to check your system.No matter the size or complexity of your building, Sentry Fire can partner with you to provide a complete smoke alarm solution that provides peace of mind on the safety of your property.

Emergency Warning Systems

We believe in tailored solutions that support you with your specific property needs. Everything from manual call points that allow occupants to raise the alarm themselves, to evacuation and voice alarm speakers that keep everyone in the building informed of an emergency; whatever you need to make your building safe and compliant, we pride ourselves in designing and installing systems that will help protect your people and property. 

Our highly experienced and informative team work quickly and efficiently to install an emergency warning system that is easy to use, easy to understand, and that meets Australian Standards (AS1670.4). We also routinely check and repair your existing system, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sentry can work with you to help tailor the appropriate safety need for your building and assess if you require a fire sprinkler system. From installation to modifications and maintenance, Sentry will simplify the complexities and partner with you to meet the requirements for your building. We can check and repair any existing sprinkler system you have and install a new system if required, so that it’s both safe and compliant with Australian Standards (AS2118). 

No matter what kind of building you’re in charge of, our helpful and supportive team will partner with you to quickly and efficiently assess what system your building needs.

Hydrant & Hose Reels

It is our goal to partner with you to provide peace of mind that when an emergency does occur, your property has the required assets it needs to give it the best chance to protect itself and the people who occupy it. To do this, we supply the highest quality fire hydrant and reel systems that allow quick and easy access to your water distribution system that will help fight the fire.

If your building doesn’t need an entirely new system, we can repair, modify, and routinely check your existing system so that it’s both efficient and compliant. From a new fire hose reel installation to replacement fire hydrant boosters, Sentry Fire can make your building safer while meeting the required Australian Standards (AS2441, AS2419).

Let Sentry take care of your fire hydrant needs and protect your people and property.

Dual Trade Technicians

Working primarily with project managers on office, commercial and industrial fit out projects, we understand the complexities involved in the delivery of compliant and safe buildings. It is our goal to partner with you to provide a tailored and contemporary fire safety solutions that meets your individual goals and requirements. 

By partnering with Sentry and out team of dual qualified technicians we take the time to work with you, ensuring we simplify the complex nature of the safety compliance industry allowing you more time to focus on doing what you do best. This ensures you meet your building obligations in the simplest and easiest way possible.